Privacy Policy

This policy pertains to the Ancestral Logs website and app. We hold your personal information confidential and do not share it with third parties without your permission. It may be used within the company to provide billing services, facilitate customer service, or contact you for future updates or other correspondence related to your use of the Ancestral Logs products.


Personal information: is defined as name, birthdate, email, street address, telephone number, credit card information.

Cookies: Small text files stored on your computer to assist us in providing service during the time you are logged in and to help you pick up where you left of.


In order to use the Ancestral Logs services, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions. By creating an account and clicking on Agree you are held to the Ancestral Logs Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy which includes sharing the information entered into the program as specified below with other users. Personal information as defined above will not be shared with users without your consent. If you wish to withdraw your consent, please contact customer service and discontinue your use of Ancestral Logs products.

Modifications to this policy:

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time and we will notify you by email and by notification on the website. Continued use of the site after notification will serve as your agreement to the changes on the Privacy Policy. The last modification date can be found at the end of the privacy policy. If you object to the changes, please contact customer service.

Information we collect:

In order to create the account, we collect your real name, password, user name, address, email, credit card information, and phone number that you provide to us at the time of account registration through your contact with customer service or other Ancestral Logs employees, from emails or comments you write through our website to us or other users, in chat rooms or user groups, or surveys you take. Any information you enter into public areas such as user groups, chat rooms, comment sections, or ancestor tasks will be viewable by other users and may be copied, saved, or shared by other users. Use caution about entering personal information into these areas. Do so at your own risk.

Computer information:

In order to better serve you, we collect information about the hardware, device type, and internet browser you use. We may also collect information about how you came to land on our website, the internet provider or mobile servicer you use, your IP (Internet Protocol) address, how you use our site, length of time on our site, and where you go after leaving Ancestral Logs. All of this information is used to help us know what improvements we need to make, what features are most popular, what you search while logged into our site so we may provide the resources and links you need to have a successful research experience.

User provided content:

Information entered into the Ancestral Logs website and apps by you regarding ancestors (living or dead), comments to other users, uploaded sources, and similar entries will be identified with your user name and may be viewable by other users. This is to facilitate collaboration and identify the source of the information. Personal information as defined above will not be accessible to other users. If you enter information into privatized records, any information entered by you will not be viewable by others without your consent. Information entered into public forums and public records will be viewable by anyone.

Information may be entered about you by third parties or other users. If you object to your information being displayed, please contact the user who entered it.

How we use your personal information:

To provide excellent customer service, we use your personal information in the following ways:

  1. When communicating with you electronically, via phone, or postal mail.
  2. To process payments for memberships, service purchases, or other products ordered by you.
  3. To notify other users researching similar ancestors of your user name and contact information, with your permission, to facilitate and encourage collaboration.
  4. To reply to your customer service requests.
  5. To inform you of updates or changes to the website or suggest services or products you may be interested in.
  6. To enforce our Terms and Conditions
  7. To protect you against fraud or security breaches or other malicious activity.
  8. To improve our services and products for you.
  9. For tax purposes required by the IRS or other taxing entity.
  10. To notify you that other researchers are also researching your family and ask permission to share your name and email address with them so you may collaborate on research and potentially join your family trees together. We would have no control on who they share your personal information with.


 Sharing your information:

We do not share your information with third parties without your consent. Our subsidiaries, partners and service providers may have access to your information for the purposes of providing us internet service, security providers, banks and credit card centers to processing payments you consent to, platform maintenance providers, our hosting companies, advertising providers, and other service providers we contract with to assist with the operation of the website and apps. These providers will be under contractual obligation not to release your personal information or use it in any manner that is not for the purpose of assisting Ancestral Logs in its operations. They are also bound by this privacy policy.

We may release your information if it is for the following purposes:

  1. To comply with and state or federal law, statute, or court order.
  2. To enforce our Terms and Conditions.
  3. To protect our employees, Ancestral Logs, or other users from any type of harm or misuse.
  4. To protect the security of the product, user information, or other users.
  5. In the event of Ancestral Logs being purchased or acquired by another entity (and shared only with that entity).
  6. In the event of insolvency, reorganization, or similar event.

Notification of release of your information will be attempted, if possible.

Deletion of information:

Upon your request, personal information may be deleted from private accounts.  Any information entered into public accounts may not be able to be deleted due to users having accessed and copied that information. Contact the submitter to delete information about you they have entered. Contact customer service for details on deleting other personal information. Your personal information may be retained in our archives and backups for up to a year, but not visable to the public.


We have secured the services of third party information security services to safeguard your personal information. However, we cannot foresee that new technologies, programming, or individuals will not breach our systems, so we caution you to take care of what information you provide to us and you do so at your own risk. If there has been a misuse or theft of personal information, we will notify you by the contact information you provide to us as promptly as possible.

International Users:

At this point in time, Ancestral Logs is intended to be used in the United States and is governed by United States law. If you choose to enter information into the website or app, your personal information will be transferred to the United States, and you consent to this transfer.

Dispute resolution:

Any disputes that arise between Ancestral Logs and its customers will attempted to be resolved through common courtesy, respect, and joint discussion in a timely manner. If needed, both parties agree that mediation services will be used in lieu of court action.

Cookie tracking:

We use cookies that are stored on your device to assist us in providing good customer service, to aid the user in navigating the site, integration of website and app functionality, and allow the website to function properly. By disabling cookies in yyour browser settings, some of the features and functionality of the website will not work properly. We suggest allowing Ancestral Logs to place cookies on your device for the user’s benefit.

Social Media:

At this point, social media features are not implemented in the Ancestral Logs website. Any postings on social media sites by users about Ancestral Logs are done by the users at their own risk. Any postings Ancestral Logs makes on social media about information entered into the website will not contain personal information of its users and will not be retrieved from private accounts. Any information entered into public accounts is just that, public, and can be used by any other user, Ancestral Logs, or any person who sees it. Do not enter private information or sensitive information that you do not wish to be made public into any public postings.

Contact Us:

For questions or concerns, please contact us through our web page, We will do our best to respond in a timely manner.


Last Revised: February 17, 2018